Building Surveys

Buying a property is expensive whether a house, flat or business premises is a major investment. One that you really need to make an informed decision about. You simply cannot afford to make mistakes. That's exactly what the Building Survey allows you to do. It's been developed exclusively for homebuyers. When you buy a property you need to know exactly what you're getting. It may have a number of problems that you can't see, but a qualified Surveyor will be able to find all problems. So before you commit to buying your dream home, make sure that you request a Survey.

Do not forget that, even with a flat or office suite you may be responsible for a share of the cost of repairing the whole building. The only way to find out about the structural condition is to have a building survey carried out by qualified Surveyor. At worst, serious defects may be found and at best you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the building is sound.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a survey depends upon the time taken and this varies depending upon the age and type of property. We shall give a fixed fee quotation over the telephone and in writing.

What does a surveyor do?

We look at every part of the property which is readily accessible and give a detailed report. The report will tell you whether the property is structurally sound and if any cracks are significant. It will comment on the condition of the roof and rainwater pipes and let you know if the property is dry and weather tight. It will mention any rising dampness or lack of pointing allowing water to penetrate walls.

We are Looking for major defects that might affect the property, such as:-

Reporting on general issues:-

In short, the report will enable you to make decisions about the property before you commit yourself to purchase and afterwards will help you to plan the repairs and maintenance.